At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to placing our customers at the forefront, forging partnerships based on innovation, quality, and unwavering service. As we actively shape the present and future, our team, fueled by competence and years of experience, embraces a culture of collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Join us on this journey, where our vision guides our aspirations, and our mission propels us towards excellence.




We are the competent contact for individual and innovative plastic solutions.

We successfully set standards with high-quality products, service and reliability.

We will be CO2-neutral by 2040 and use our resources carefully.

Our actions are characterized by our appreciation of the environment.

Taking on challenges and satisfying our customers inspires us every day.

With competence and many years of know-how, our motivated employees shape the present and future of our company.

We maintain a team-oriented and appreciative corporate culture.

What exists is constructively questioned by each individual, which means that ongoing measures to increase efficiency are implemented.



Our customers are at the center of our activities.

The partnership relationships with our customers and suppliers are based on innovation, quality, productivity and service.

Our employees are crucial to the company’s success.

Dealing with each other is characterized by honesty, appreciation and respect.

Our employees are characterized by passion, the ability to change, flexibility and team orientation.

The managers act as role models, they create enthusiasm and transfer responsibility to the employees.

Together we shape the future.